Tip of the Iceberg

Consciousness creates reality. – Bernard Haisch

We have all heard the iceberg metaphor:

The mind is like an iceberg, we are aware of only 10% (conscious) and the other 90% we cannot see/are not aware of (subconscious). 

Consciousness is the “awareness or perception of something by a person”, as defined by Google.

Notice, in this definition the word perception.

Your consciousness, better yet, the way you see, hear, feel, smell and taste, everything in this world, is simply YOUR perception.

This is why we all literally see things differently.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life – and you will call it fate. ~Carl Jung

Subconscious is “of or concerning the part of the mind of which one is not fully aware but which influence’s ones actions and feelings”, as defined by Google.

As this definition states, we are still influenced by 90% of us that we are not aware of.


What happens in the mind of man is always reflected in the disease of his body. ~Rene Dubus

The normal approach to addressing our problems today is talk therapy.

Although, talking about a problem may sometimes be of use; we need to remember that we can only address the tip of the iceberg when we attempt to fix our problems by talking.

Considering 90% of our problems we aren’t even aware of; how are we supposed to talk about things we don’t even know are there?

Better yet, how do we address and fix these issues before they become serious health issues?!

Like I mentioned before, the modern day talk therapy will only reach the tip of the iceberg, so in order to address these issues properly and efficiently, the subconscious mind needs to become the main focus.

BodyTalk is one of the few wholehealthcares that addresses your subconscious mind, and does so consistantly well.

I encourage everyone to try this amazing healthcare, as it has changed my life and my perception of the world.

It has had a positive impact on everyone I have worked on/everyone that has had a BodyTalk session.

Book your session today. 






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