Mom knows best

So I was recently trapped in a car with my beautiful mother for 10 hours…..

Love you mum 

And of course the topic of BodyTalk comes up. Which I am not surprised, as we are both head over heals for this amazing healthcare.

I asked her what I was like as a person before BodyTalk.

Who better to ask than the woman who raised me, right?

Her response,

Elyse, it was literally night and day.


You were angry at the world and mad at anything and everything; absolutely nothing could make you happy. 

Every time you were angry, you would shop, to feel that short satisfaction and happiness but it was very minimal and never lasted.

It was like you were looking for a way to cope but it wasn’t ever enough. 

You sent us mixed signals, like you wanted us to be proud of you, but anytime we even tried to support you, you would push us away.

At the time, you had been dealing with final exams, worrying about first year university and what you were going into/what classes you were going to take and going through a break up. 

You had such high stress but continued to try to deal with everything on your own.” -Mom

Yes, it was as if something was always pent up inside you.” -Dad

If I had to wrap it up into a short explanation, you were just not in a good place Elyse. At one point your Dad and I were so worried and scared you were going to get into alcohol or drug abuse. Just some kind of abuse because I swear that’s where you were headed. -Mom


The change was overnight.

You finally sat down with us, your family, and actually had a conversation.

You wanted to sit and talk and laugh with us again.

You finally began to stop and smell the roses

After just one session you were more of a “lets go for a walk and enjoy life” kind of person.

In other words, you became present.

When people were talking to you, you took interested and you weren’t ever distracted by anything around you. I could see on your face that you were genuinely interested.

You also became so clear on what you wanted.

Remember, you called me when I was in Florida and you had your mind set on dropping school, moving and pursuing the one thing you always knew you wanted to. There was no way anything I was going to say to you was going to change your mind and I knew that in the way you told me. You weren’t asking me, you were telling me exactly what you wanted and how you were going to get there.” –Mom

And now that’s just who you are, your mind is clear and you know exactly what you want and you just go for it no matter what it is. –Mom

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