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Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on. ~Eckhart Tolle

Once upon a time

there was an animal eating grass in a field.

A lion jumped out of the bushes and attacked.

The animal darted away, running faster than it ever had before. It finally got away.

Once it was safe, it continued to eat the grass.


Once upon a time

there was a woman eating lunch.

It was a Saturday.

She had been at her job for two years now, working 9am-5pm, five days a week.

She hated it. She was stressed all the time.

She blamed her boss for giving her nothing but the same tasks everyday, and yelling at her when they weren’t done “perfectly”.

She regreted taking those two months of training for the job. She felt like, because she had done that, and she had been there for two years, she could not leave. Also, the raise was in a couple months, and that year end bonus was calling her name.

She died of cancer two years later.


Notice the difference?

Human and animal nervous systems, both treat stress as fight or flight.

This is great for the animals who rely on fight or flight to run away from the lion, and find a safe place to shake it off, and go about their day.

The issue with humans, is we don’t ever shake it off. We continue to ask:

Why me?

Why is my boss mean to me?

Why did I take the two months of training?

Why did I get into that accident?

Why did I get cancer? 

Why do I have depression?

Because we do not shake it off, our bodies never relax from the stress and our bodies can no longer heal themselves.

Why this makes sense

Our heart only pumps blood to 25% of our body at one time.

This is controlled and directed by the nervous system.

When the nervous system goes into emergency mode (stress), it causes distortion in it’s job to direct and control the heart; Causing increase in heart rate and blood pressure, muscles tighten, digestive system shuts down, immune function is limited and endocrine function is distorted.

This is how many diseases and issues arise; digestive disease, immune disease, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, etc.

How Does BodyTalk Help?

BodyTalk gets your nervous system out of this constant stress mode, which leads it back into its natural healing process.

It balances the connections within the whole body, resulting in the healthy communication your body needs to funtion properly.

Book a session today. 

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  1. True you are. Both good or evil have a nature of constant change. Nothing in the world is permanent. We shall try to observe every incident as a witness, without any kind of clinging or aversion.

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