Good & Bad Reality

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. ~William Shakespeare

Good or Bad?


Good – Caffine, taste, coffee dates, warm.

Bad – Caffine is dehydrating, taste, ugh coffee “dates”, hot.


Good – Connecting, makes life easier, business aspect, interesting.

Bad – Disconnecting, laziness, stupid “memes”, and what even is snapchat.


Good – Degree, job, intelligence, status, success.

Bad – Waste of time, boring job, don’t come out knowing anything in the real world, can succeed without schooling. 


Good – Cold, winter sports, colder nights for sleeping, snow.

Bad – Cold, nothing to do, snow.


Notice, most of the good and bad comparisons are the same? And, now you’re scrolling back up to read them all because you skimmed through them.

Also, notice that before you even read the good and bad, you already knew whether the example was good or bad to you.

And, as you were reading the opposing opinion, you had a little bit of hostility towards those coffee haters. Because who could possibly hate on coffee?

Exactly like me with winter. I HATE winter with a passion. I’ve been refusing to buy winter boots this year because I will not spend another winter in a cold place. I hate the cold. However, I don’t exactly participate in any winter sports.

But not everyone hates it. Actually, most people I meet love it because snowboarding” – she said in a grossed out tone. Sorry, but I tried it twice and cleary didn’t catch on too well.

The hot chocolate was good though..

Anyways, back to the point.

We all create our own opinions of good and bad based on how, where and when we grow up. These opinions help us perceive our everyday life. They are the filters we create over our minds.

But who decides what is true and what is false?

Is winter good or bad?

There is no right answer to this question. There is no such thing as good or bad.

Your belief systems that you have built over the years, around the items or senareos, make things seem good or bad.

Effects of Good & Bad

That coffee that you drank this morning was a great thing. Look at you getting through the day, and getting through my whole post. Good for you.

And, that woman this morning telling you coffee is bad for you and will “just cause you to crash in the middle of the day“, was just voicing her opinion on coffee. Who cares what she says!

Oh, her saying that effected you? How? You already have your opinions around coffee.

Why did her opinion effect you?

Your idenitiy is in question, that’s why.

As soon as you form strong opinions around something, the opinions become unhealthy. In other words, unhealthy belief systems.

If you go nuts when someone doesn’t agree with you, then you know your belief systems have some sort of control over you. Although, it’s only a stranger you just met, or just a tiny incident, your emotions will still take you on a roller coaster ride.

The stronger your opinions and the more you have, the more they begin to control your life. You begin to live on the emotional roller coaster ride.

Until you learn to cope

Eventually you are an amazing coper. Now, you implode, instead of explode.


This will eventually begin showing in physical, mental or emotional disease

You should be able to feel good about your choices in your life, and feel good about what you believe is right/wrong, good/bad, ect. I mean, in the end, it’s really just about what makes you happy and keeps you healthy, right?

Your body and mind rely on your ability to embrace, rather than resist life.

Reducing these good and bad beliefs will result in lower stress levels, and therefore a happier and healthier you!


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5 thoughts on “Good & Bad Reality”

  1. I see your message in this post. However, a part of me wonders why it even matters how you feel about a situation? It seems like when you feel something it never changes a thing. And when it does, doesn’t that mean people can read your mind and it makes reality change?

    1. Well, it matters a lot how you feel about a situation. Being in a situation where your opinions are controlling or not controlling you, is the difference between exploding/imploding, or letting it roll off your back.

      Which in the future, will lead to all sorts of physical and mental diseases, or a healthy body and mind if you are able to embrace rather than resist.

      And none of this is about reading minds. Changing beliefs systems or even just weakening the belief systems won’t allow people to read your mind, it will only help you get rid of the stress or pain you feel.

      I hope that clears it up for you.

      1. Yes, you are right; Being able to embrace, rather than resist life is the ultimate goal.
        However, this is not the just a simple task. It is something that needs to be worked on and understood completely in order for it to happen.

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