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Emotional pain cannot kill you, but running from it can. Allow. Embrace. Let yourself feel. Let yourself heal. ~Vironika Tulaleva

Most of us feel the need to keep our emotions in because society has told us to. Don’t let your anger out because it isn’t lady-like. Don’t cry because it isn’t manly.

The first time I realized it was okay and healthy to let your emotions out was high school. I was having a rough night, talking to a good friend at the time. Of course she’s rambling on with the typical feel-better phrases; “we all have bad nights”, “you’re not the only one”, blah blah blah.

But, eventually she said something that I have yet to forget..

“Embrace this feeling. Let it happen. Sometimes we need to feel like this. We all need to have a pity party for ourselves. Just take the night off from life and enjoy it. Be with yourself and only yourself tonight. Just know it isn’t a bad thing to feel this way, it’s healthy.”  

I took the night off like she said. I’d never felt so content with being in a bad mood. I enjoyed it and threw myself a pity party.

Till this day, I’ve never been afraid of being sad. However, I noticed that accepting it was the first step into not being sad so often. I throw myself into my emotions the odd time that I do get emotional now and it feels healthy.

Expressing emotions is a healthy thing, at least it can be. Learning how to express and release them is something that keeps YOU mentally and physically healthy.

Where do emotions go?

Emotions are often stored in your diaphragm until they are released. Emotions have four ways to go from there:

  1. Up and out through expression
  2. Down and out the intestines
  3. Stored somewhere in the body
  4. Stored in the diaphragm

If you do not let your emotions out, they will be stored somewhere in your body, usually causing health issues within that region.

For example, most cancers are caused because of unexpressed anger that was stored within the body. Learn more about this.

6 Healthy Emotions

Sadness is compassion.

Joy is harmony.

Anger leads to movement within your body. Every living thing needs movement.

Fear keeps us safe and is our protection. You wouldn’t jump off a building, thanks to fear.

Worry is confusion vs. clarity.

Grief is how we let go.

Having a hard time expressing or releasing your emotions?

BodyTalk is a great way to release your emotions. It not only digs into your conscious emotions, but your subconscious emotions as well.

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