Heal Yourself

When you treat a disease, first treat the mind. ~Chen Jen

Every 9 months every single cell in your knee is new. Every 7 years every single cell in your ENTIRE BODY is new.

Still think you can’t heal yourself? 

Well, it is not that you CANNOT heal yourself, it’s actually that you’ve been told your whole life that your mind isn’t strong enough to do so. However, you have also been told that the mind is a powerful thing, right? Very contradicting if you ask me.

But it’s true, the mind is powerful and can heal your physical AND mental body.

Listening to your body

Healing yourself is a matter of listening to your body.

Try to remember that your body doesn’t have a voice, so it has to find different ways to tell you things. This usually includes some sort of pain or disease.

Have you ever gotten sick when you’ve been under too much stress? It’s your bodies way of saying, SLOW THE F*CK DOWN.

What about getting unexplained anxiety or feeling extreme fatigue. These can often happen when your body is trying to tell you something.

Although, finding these small hints your body throws you is usually not an easy task. Often the small whispers get louder until your body has no choice but to scream just to get your attention. Often this screaming is a serious problem; broken bone, cancer, disease, etc.

Listen to the whispers before they turn into screams. BodyTalk can help you. BodyTalk can find those subconscious things your body wants to tell you before they get too serious.

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