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Anybody who gives you a belief system is your enemy, because the belief system becomes the barrier for your eyes, you cannot see the truth. ~Rajneesh

B.S. = Belief Systems

It is no accident that Belief systems is abbreviated B.S., just like something else we all know too well. Bull Shit.

Belief systems are the stories we tell ourselves to define our personal sense of reality, as said by Domenech and Selva. They are the result of what our parents tell us; mixed with how our teachers teach us; what the rules of the government are at the time; what our friends tell us; and anything else in our environment that show us the “truths” of the world.

Belief Systems are the Filters of our Minds

Have you ever been EXTREMELY upset by something that nobody else blinked an eye for? That is because your belief systems are different.

Think about how parents feel when their children tell them they aren’t going to university. The millennial will seek out other places to find success, but the parents minds go straight to:

“They won’t get anywhere without a degree“, “I thought I raised you right“, etc. These are all belief systems that society has planted inside their minds for whatever reason.

What about arranged marriages?? North America doesn’t believe this is the right thing to do. However, in India it is still one of the most popular ways of marriage. Talk about BS.

These are pretty big belief systems though. Smaller belief systems are the ones that hit us a little harder.

Why did you get mad at that car this morning for driving the speed limit? Did you feel all the blood going to your head as you got more and more stressed, and you weren’t sure how to get out your frustration? Did yelling and swearing help him drive faster? Probably not.

What if you could have handled that situation a little more calmly? Maybe realizing that yelling and stressing wasn’t going to do anything but cause you a headache that you didn’t “deserve”. Changing your belief systems will cause you to be much more relaxed throughout these moments society deems as “stressful”.

Another example: Do you see the glass half-empty or half-full?

This metaphor will all depend on your belief systems. Of course, everyone wants to see the glass as half-full, but it isn’t always that easy. Sometimes we need to see the bad things before the good things start to show for us. What if I told you, you can skip the bad parts and go straight into seeing the good?

Almost everything in your life can result in good and bad belief systems.

Good Belief Systems

Although it is hard to decipher good and bad, it is possible.

Good belief systems will:

  1. Take away your stress, rather than cause it.
  2. Help you accept yourself for who you truly are.
  3. Help you get the most enjoyment and enlightenment from your life.

You will finally find that approval inside yourself, instead of looking for it in other people.

Bad Belief Systems

Bad belief systems will break you down slowly. Most people don’t realize they have bad belief systems because they are subconscious, or they have been drilled into their heads since they were very young.

With bad belief systems, you will base all of your self-worth solely on your achievements throughout your life; You will never feel good enough; You may have much more stress than you even realize.

All of this taking a HUGE toll on your physical body without you even knowing it.

Changing Your Belief Systems

Choosing to change your belief systems could be the difference between you getting stressed about every little thing resulting in possible early disease; and you living the most relaxing, care free, and healthy life.

Changing belief systems isn’t as easy as it sounds though. The “positive thinking” only does so much.

A lot of belief systems can be subconscious, meaning you aren’t even aware of them. How do you change something you are not aware of??

A couple things you can try are:

  1. Yoga
  2. Meditation

These may help you relax more, as a result, it will help you live a more stress-free lifestyle. However, the issue with these is, it may take a little longer and you may only reach your conscious belief systems. As mentioned before, most belief systems are subconscious. So what is the best way to change these belief systems that are making life just a little bit less enjoyable?

BodyTalk. BodyTalk is a way to get into your subconscious and switch your belief systems around things that are giving you more trouble than you think.

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  1. Yes I agree with you. Just because I’m 4 foot 11inches and I’m really thin doesn’t mean that I’m not beautiful. All you really need to do is change your belief systems.☺

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