My BodyTalk Experience


Nope. I’m not going. You all sound crazy.

My sister and mom tried SO hard to convince me to go to a session. I said no everytime.

I told them they were crazy and there is no way someone could “heal you”. That is what doctors are for, right?

I mean from what they told me, the practitioner didn’t do anything but ask their body yes or no questions with their hand and occasionally tap on their head.

Just to make them both shut up, I agreed to go ONCE AND THAT IS ALL!

During Session

Mom drove me to the session and came in with me because I was actually a little nervous.

I met the practitioner and he didn’t seem crazy…at all. Actually he was the most normal, professional looking man.

He asked if I was in for anything special. I said no (I wasn’t ready to tell him my mom dragged me there). He told me to lay down on my back on the massage table.

To start the session, he did a stress technique. He told me that it was going to help me  cope with ALL of the stress in my life.

Yeah, that was hard to believe, seeing as I stressed about everything. And I’m talking EVERYTHING. Like I was even stressed about what I was going to eat for dinner that night.

In the middle of the session he asked me if I had been having a hard time accepting love. I was shocked that he asked me.

I was 18. All I had been doing lately was pushing EVERYONE away from me. Anyone who showed love towards me; my sister, parents, friends, ect. How he knew this…I had no idea, but it was exactly like mom was telling me, “he knows things about you that you don’t even know”.

I was convinced he was just a psychic that was trying to put a different name to himself in order to get more business.

Until the end of the session…

Post Session

Natural high. No other way to explain it, but I felt AMAZING. He isn’t just a psychic. He ACTUALLY knows what he is doing.

At this point I had no idea what he did but I had never felt so weightless. I understood why my mom and sister had wanted me to go so bad. It was almost like seeing the world from a completely different perspective.

As the week went on I realized, I stopped caring about things so much. Therefore, my stress was gone. ALL OF IT. GONE. I no longer stressed about tests, social interactions or even what other people thought about me. I finally started being myself.

I stopped freaking out at my parents for every little thing. and stopped pushing them away.

Everything was subconscious though. I couldn’t consciously explain why I was doing things differently, but it was obvious that something had changed for the better.


I still get BodyTalk sessions regularly, and I have never walked out of a session without feeling better in some way. I also haven’t met someone that hasn’t had a good experience with all of their sessions. Which is why I have began to make it my career path.

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  1. Wow that is so intriguing I’m so glad there are better and more natural and holistic ways of healing!

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